Francesco Domenico Giannino (Aron Cheroes)


From summer solstice of 1980 he started to grow up, to build his life and change home. During teenage years  his artistic inclinations find inspiration in Bauhaus, in the literary decadence, in the outsiders and in rock music. He decides to use the nickname of Aron, or Aron Cheroes, in his music, writing and painting performances. Passion and creativity permeate, every day, his profession of marketing manager, educator, teacher and strategic consultant of business development.

He’s been Florilegio’s founder and president, founder of Archimede 13’s association, creator of a social network called Artaki for the European Union. He considers that art and memberships can offer intense instants of life and serenity, even in the most difficult contests. He believes artistic performances can represent an extraordinary mean of civil impact and social relief