Ugo Vivone (Hugo)


He writes and plays piano, works as an mechanical engineer for the commercial development of plant design in the food-pharma sector. He published two romances, where he writes about his experiences in the worlds of art and profession.

In 2002 he founded the embryo of Florilegio together with Aron, and today, with unchanged enthusiasm, he founded an association called Officine Buone with the aim of bringing up more and more relevant projects, leaving his mark on social voluntary activity and helping disadvantaged people in an innovative, creative and effective manner. The mission’s name that better suits to him is the one of souls healer, as his attitude has always concerned managing complex assignments, starting from conceiving the idea of the project itself and bringing it up till reaching the final purpose, sharing the success with his team.

Telling it with three easy concepts, his purpose is: communicating enthusiasm and energy, shifting horizons (or reference points) and making dreams come true